Rokeby's roots are way back in the immediate post World War II era. During the war the works canteen of one of the major Rugby engineering firms The British Thompson Houston Company  (BTH), was converted into an indoor shooting range for the training of the local Home Guard Units. This activity fostered an interest in target shooting and after hostilities ceased a rifle club was formed as a section the BTH recreation club.

Rugby's local public school also had its indoor swimming pool converted into a shooting range for the Home Guard training and for the schools cadet force. Post war, this range became the core of all small-bore shooting activities in Rugby. Three clubs were in existence at that time: Rugby Rifle Club, English Electric Rifle Club and BTH Rifle Club.

The BTH rifle club, being part of the firms recreation club, was able to call on large numbers of its members. At and at the height of shooting popularity in the Fifties through to the Sixties the BTH interdepartmental rifle league had two divisions. Each division comprised  of eight departmental teams, each team having five shooters. The club had two shooting evenings at the range, and having 80 shooters, the eight point range was always fully occupied for at least ten details each evening.

The BTH Co., was amalgamated into the Associated Electrical Industries Co., and the club became AEI Rugby. A successful AEI rifle league was formed between the various AEI factories, mainly postal but with occasional friendly shoulder to shoulder shoots. 


In 1967 the company recreation club was facing financial difficulties and declined to pay the rent. This led to an impasse between the recreation club committee and the rifle club committee. which led to a withdrawal from the recreation club and the formation of a private rifle club.

The old Anglo Saxon name for Rugby was chosen as the new club name and Rokeby Small-bore Rifle Club was borne. The introduction of pistol shooting led to a renaming in time to the current club identity


History of the Club